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Fruits Tetriz

Use left, right and down keys to move the fruit blocks. Use up key to rotate the [...]

Merge Monster : Pool Party

After Farmland, we brought a different perspective to Merge type games with Merg [...]

Fantasy Pic Tetriz

This is a simple yet interesting picture tetriz game. In this game you need to d [...]

10×10 Blocks Match

Pick and drop sets of blocks to complete vertical and horizontal rows. Once you [...]

1010 Jungle Blocks

1010 Jungle Blocks is a very interesting block puzzle game. In this game you nee [...]

Super tetris 2048

Place cubes, add the same numbers and don't let the column rise! A tense classic [...]

Stack Tower Neon: Keep Blocks ..

In this amazing construction puzzle you have to drop the blocks with different s [...]

10×10 Block Puzzle

An addictive Tetris-style game to enjoy. Drag the jewel blocks to the desired pl [...]

Blocks Puzzle Wood

Place the pieces into board and use your brain and skills to fill all empty spac [...]

Fruit Match4 Puzzle

Fruit Match4 Puzzle is an amazing game similar to tetris. Swipe left and right a [...]