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Spaceship Launcher

Click on 3 or more similar blocks to get them eliminated. Your goal is to clear [...]

Little Panda Space Kitchen

Have you ever imagined that you are cooking delicious food in a space capsule? E [...]

Power Rangers Kill Space ..

On a difficult mission, Power Rangers must defense the world under the space zom [...]

Fidget Spinner – ..

Fidget Spinner 3D lets you play various well-designed finger spinner on your pho [...]

The dead among us

You're An Impostor. The game shows one of the options for what could happen afte [...]


A puzzle game in which you need to help the alien get out of the spaceship. To d [...]

Neon Invaders Classic

“Neon Invaders” is a game inspired by one of the first games ever created, Space [...]

Space 5 Diffs

Find 5 differences between 2 images. Touch the place where you find any differen [...]


Fly the Collestar planes as far apart as you can to collect as many stars as pos [...]

Ace Force: Joint Combat

ADRENALINE PUMPING AERIAL COMBAT awaits you in Ace Force: Joint Combat. Fight ag [...]