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Pets Clicker

Funny pets invite you to play with them. Click as quickly as possible on all the [...]

Tom and Jerry Clicker

If you like to laugh heartily, fool around and once again review the stories abo [...]

My Little Pony Clicker

We present to your attention a brand new game "Pony Clicker". It is in this game [...]

Mickey Mouse Clicker

The game Mickey Mouse tells the story of the adventures of a brave and charismat [...]

Miraculous Ladybug Clicker

Who wouldn't want to live in Paris? If you do not live, then at least visit your [...]

Ladybug Clicker

A fun and fairly simple game, in which you can quickly click on the colorful lad [...]

Funny Cats Clicker

Admit that you love cats! Now you can express your sincere love for them by play [...]

Slice It All!

Cut everything in half. Slice It All is a casual game, a very comfortable slice [...]

Dora the Explorer Clicker

Click on the flying heroes from the Dora the Explorer cartoon as soon as possibl [...]

laser fruits slice

Slice is a high addictive fruit cutting game! your aim to hit fruits with your q [...]