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Vandan The Detective

This is a classic point and click hidden object game. You need to find all of th [...]

Many Targets

Throw the ball and neutralize moving and stationary targets. The game is difficu [...]

TRZ Cannon

TRZ Cannon is a casual game in which the player must estimate strength and dista [...]

Block Shoot

Block Shoot is a online puzzle shooting game. Puzzles with figures will appear o [...]

Stone Smacker

"Stone Smacker" is a Puzzle / Top Down game where the player needs to push the s [...]

Funny Elephant Style Jigsaw

Funny Elephant Style Jigsaw game is a free online game in the jigsaw puzzle genr [...]

Spaceship Launcher

Click on 3 or more similar blocks to get them eliminated. Your goal is to clear [...]

Wacky Jelly Online

Wacky Jelly Online game. I'm very wacky jelly! It is very simple and casual runn [...]

Candy Glass 3D

Candy Glass 3d is the most addictive game. The goal of the game is to get the ca [...]

Jewels Blitz 3

The most popular puzzles were and are games with crystals, there are simply a hu [...]