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Merge To Million

Merge to Million is a multiplying puzzle. Drag & drop blocks with numbers on [...]

Math Train Addition

Math Train Addition is an educational and fun game. In this game you will see a [...]

Sum of 10: Merge Number Tiles

Meet an amazing math game where you need to get the sum of 10. Pass levels and e [...]

Maths Game for kids

Math Games for Kids – provides simple addition and subtraction calculations. Dra [...]

Addition Brain Teaser

A challenging math puzzle game where all you have to do is add all of the number [...]

2048 Puzzle Animals

2048 is a beautiful and addictive sliding block numbers puzzle game. Merg number [...]

Crazy Shooter of Math

Crazy scientist in crazy mode, math is his favorite subject. He created a laser [...]

2048 Physics

2048 matching game with physical interaction. More fun to play and interesting p [...]

Math Candies

'Math Candies' is a math puzzle game. In this game you need to find the price of [...]

Missing Num Bubbles

It is interesting number game for kids. In this game there are 3 modes; what num [...]