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Creative Cake Bakery

This is a super fun food-making game, mixing various ingredients to create the u [...]

Summer Dessert Party

This is a super fun food cooking game, with plenty of fashionable cold food. Ple [...]

Happy Cupcaker

Cupcake is very popular for girls and kids.Do you love it too?Now it’s time to d [...]

Bubble Tea Maker

Surprise! The ice dessert shop is open in the crazy carnival! The patio beverage [...]

Drive Ahead kid !

Drive Ahead kid ! game education kid has a lot of success review and player this [...]

Slices Master – Fruit ..

Slices Master - Fruit Slices is a fruit puzzle game that is very simple but chal [...]

Alphabet Kitchen

By creating letter cookies and decorating them in his kitchen, Chef Elmo helps k [...]

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies is a fantastic cooking game with amazing graphics and customizat [...]

Baking Pizza

Cooking a heart-shaped pizza will be a very nice surprise for your friends. You [...]

Unicorn Slime Designer

Girls, have you heard that slimes are always miswritten as lime by unicorn kids? [...]