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FireBlob is a Platform-Puzzle game where you command a small fireball in order t [...]

Mini Colors

Mini Colors is a puzzle game where you have to turn on/off color platforms in or [...]

Gum Adventures DX

Gum Adventures is a platform game where you must lead a sticky character towards [...]

Fire Girl and Water Boy : ..

Fun platform game for one and two players. Played with WASD + arrow keys. Collec [...]

Barbarian VS Mummy

“Barbarian Vs Mummy” is a super fun and challenging 2D side-scroller game in the [...]

Crazy Gravity – ..

“Crazy Gravity” is a platform / casual game, where the astronaut must overcome c [...]

Protect Snowman 2D

Do you think you can survive the holidays? Use your speed and tapping skill to p [...]


Experience this killer bug invasion! Smash them with your mouse in this great ga [...]

Fire of Fenix

Have you ever wanted to live the fantasy life of a phoenix, battle with fierce e [...]

Flying Bunny

Help the Easter Bunny to save Easter by collecting all the Easter Eggs! Flap you [...]