These Rules Are Not Negotiable !!!

All =SG= Steam Group Member that signed up with this site VIA the Steam Platform.
Will Have Some Basic Admins Rights on the following servers VIA Sourcebans.


Rights Only Include:
Change Map (Only If all Players On A Server Agree)
Start Votes
Admin Chat

Abusing These Will Result In A Permanent Ban From SinisterGaming
Admin Must Be 18 yrs of Age Do Not ask Or Apply If Your Not 18.

Admins Will Respect Other Players and Admins.

Admins Will Follow admin Rules And Be An Active Forum Member.

(Meaning If You are A Server Admin You Are Required To Post Something in This Forum At Least Once Per Week !!)
This Can Be A Server Recommendation
Ingame Screen Shots with a brief description
Tips and Faqs
How Toos
Basically Whatever Game Related
or Even Something Neat You Found On The Internet )

No Admins Have The right to promote or Demote Another Admin
(If There Is An Admin Problem Post It in the Server Forum That it is Related To.. Supply Screenshot, Chat Logs Any Thing That Proves That Admin IS Abusing There Admin Rights... Do Not Take It Upon Your Self To Demote, Promote Or Remove Another Admin).

Admins Will Abide By The Common Server Rules

Admins Will Not Change Server Game play Up While Players Are Enjoying There Game

Admins Will Not Bash Players Or Other Admins

Admins Will Keep Maure Attitude and Not Act Childish

Slander, Obsessive Cursing, Racial Remarks are Not Tolerated and will result in a Permanent Ban From SinisterGaming Period.

Admins Will Welcome Any Player No Matter Of Race, Religion, Location etc. Bigotry Is Not Tolerated and will result in a Permanent Ban From SinisterGaming

Adminsitrators Who Decide On Admin Bans, Demotions and Promotions are as follows: