Greetings Everyone, We have rework our website and reinstalled it with newer software.
settings have been made to stop spam postings and extra security put in.
We Highly recommend Signing up via connect with steam.

We have decided to use the same look and mods we had so they have been re installed as well with updated versions.
We have went to ibpro arcade, we will be able to get better games with this.


  • Steam Integrations
  • Gameserver Monitors, banners, stats
  • Make Your Own Custom Gameserver Banners !!
  • We have provided a template/tutorial to work with in our forums for userbar /gamebanner creation.
  • Arcade
  • Disscusion Forum

Some Thoughts of future features :

  • channels for streaming games being played.
  • Teamspeak or Discord
  • sourceban integration
  • game stats if available
  • Member Ranks
  • Member Rewards
  • A Webbased RPG Game Only Available on Sinistergaming

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