Create a User Bar with this Small Help Tutorial Here.

Download The attached Image templatebanner.gif or templatebanner.png

Add your background image, logos, and other images do not move the txt or bars.
Save Your Image. jpg is recommended.

and click create New userbar

at this point do not click the go button next to
Create userbar based.

fill these sections out:

Userbar name (the Name You Give Your Banner)

Background image (Browse to upload)

Color text by default #FFFFFF (optional)

Default font Leave Blank

Font size default 9

At Background image click browse and browse to your image .
here you can also use custom fonts.
were it says font size default put 9

Click The edit userbar button on the lower right of that section.
when it loads you will see your banner.

Next, click the add location Button
and enter the below settings one at a time

Management of locations
Horizontal margin
Vertical margin
Font size
Font color
{ip} --- 120 58 -- -- --

{players} --- 116 90 -- -- --

{offline} --- 355 58 -- -- --

{online} --- 355 58 -- -- --

{name} --- 120 29 -- -- --

{map} --- 355 88 -- -- --

{rating} --- 255 90 -- -- --

then click edit userbar again.

you are done !!!

now you can create multiple userbars using the same format as the template here.
just modify your userbar to fit what game it is for and save your image.

Create a new Userbar

Where it says
Create userbar based..

Select your userbar and click the go

Change The Name
Click Browse to upload your new image.

Click edit user bar and your done.

I hope this is helpful.

here is what some look like with a background and logos and such