This is under Official Servers Ingame
We have a small base in this server and a few tames so far we haven't gotten very far with this expansion


These Servers can Be Found Under Official Legacy Servers
we are on 2 servers on the same cluster.

This Server was chosen because it was on a list of servers at that stated it is a safe server to build your base on as it would not go down or be deprecated.

Here we have a our large main base with a closed in water pen, many resources and items, tames and is set up for breeding and gardening.
Some Expansion is currently being implemented to our base. other players are friendly and we have made a few allies here.

Server Info: this particular server is capped quite often and the extreme large bases around cause lag when approaching them. we are here because it is what i consider to be a safe server to build on that wont be deprecated


This is the Island and is on the same cluster as Ragnarok14
I have Had very little lag on this server nice smooth online game play.
we recently just went here so we can breed more animals and tale them back to Ragnarok when its not capped.
here i have built another large base it is being setup for breeding and everything too plenty of room to expand, people are friendly.
My Goal is to unlock all achievements including tame everything and beet the bosses and win the game.. I came here because the island is the map that came with the game that i have never really played as i started on scorched earth.

There are a few tames here and enough resources to get you going it is still being build on.